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August 09 2017

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i want everyone to know i read the tags

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xiumin + the eve stages





Why are people still running this fan narrative that Magnus is a dupe?

Magnus knows the Seelie Queen has an agenda. The entire scene between Magnus, Luke, and Raphael shows that he’s aware that she’s positioning herself to end up with the most power in this Downworlder Alliance. Everything Luke questioned about the offer, Magnus questioned himself right to the Seelie Queen’s face. 

The look Magnus has as he says, “…I believe that Seelies cannot lie.” to Raphael shows that he doesn’t fully trust her but he trusts her more than he does the Clave. Which is a fair choice cuz the Clave is literally the most garbage group of people on the planet outside of the Circle, aka the radicalized racist terrorist organization that spawned out of the Clave’s institutionalized racial prejudice.

Magnus isn’t a damned idiot. He sees what The Seelie Queen’s doing and he’s uncomfortable with it but he’ll do it for his people.

His choices are between someone who might have an ulterior motive but who also cannot outright lie to him and his literal oppressors who have countless times lied to, abandoned, and violently harmed/murdered his people.

Magnus is going with the lesser of two evils here and though he’ll need a drink to get through it, damn him if he won’t swallow his pride for a bit if it means even one more warlock is safer.

It seemed Seelie Realm was the ONLY place that could protect downworlders from the effect of the Soul Sword and the power of the Angel. The Institute was able to contain the Soul Sword but how many downworlders could fit in there? And let’s not start with the Clave’s willingness at saving downworlders’ live, it doesn’t exist. 

Magnus chose a side that even when Valentine succeeded with his plan to activate the Soul Sword or raise the Angel, his people would still survive. This episode showed that out of all the Downworld leaders Magnus was the most protective of his kind. He broke up with Alec so he could focus on his people. He was willing to let the Queen treat him like an obedient hound (kept his mouth shut when she talked, came when she called) all for their sake. The Seelie Queen had her own agenda and you’d be a fool to think that Magnus trusted her completely, he’d never gonna let anything bad happen to his people if he was willing to sacrifice this much for them.

The show even went with the juxtaposition of the scene where Magnus looking longingly at the photos of him and Alec to the scene of Madzie calling for him and running into his arms. 

Alec represents Magnus’ own personal happiness, whereas Madzie, a little Black warlock girl, represents what he’s sacrificing this happiness for. And people in tags are going “why is he siding with the Queen?” – “What’s the catch?” This is. Madzie’s life is the “catch”.  The show isn’t even subtle about it. Madzie represents everything Magnus is fighting for - his people, his family.

People who are running this fan narrative that Magnus is “OOC” are either white, or have white worldview on things. They simply don’t recognize a racial issue when it’s looking at them, because they don’t have experience of racial / ethnic oppression / genocide. So they end up trivializing this actually really well written metaphor on racism, and reduce it to a simple quarrel between lovers. But the thing is that Malec isn’t just a LGBT couple, they are also an interracial couple. And you can’t take race out of the equation no matter how much you want to.



my biggest pet peeve is when I call a boy pretty and about six people have their necks swivel all the way around on their shoulders exorcist style just to tell me that boys aren’t pretty they’re handsome




I like that despite how big and how long it existed, half of the Batman fandom don’t even know what the Wayne Enterprises does. 

That’s because it literally does everything

Bruce needs to calm the fuck down

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JFC this is wrong on so many levels..





I’m doing a persuasive speech and this would really help me out.

If you think animals should be adopted from shelters, reblog.

If you think animals should be bought from pet stores, like.



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A Malec drawing that I’m too lazy to finish properly 🙈💖

Drawn in Photoshop. 3.5 hours.

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10 shots ⎯  Shadowhunters, S02E19 ‘Hail And Farewell’

Dir. Matt Hastings, Cin. Michael McMurray 


u know whats fuckin hardcore

people on this site who don’t speak english as a first language but blog in english anyways

Send me an emoji!


💌: I’d love to send you more messages and asks but you make me nervous!

😊: You’re sweet. You’ve made me smile before.

🙏: I’m a little afraid that you’ll unfollow me.

🔪: I’d hate to get on your bad side.

😶: I’m honored that you’re even following me tbH.

👾: Your theme is awesome!


💉: Talking to you or seeing you on my dash makes me feel better.

😐: I don’t understand half the things you reblog but I support you anyway.

🌑: You come off as cold, impersonal.

👒: You come off as very friendly!

🌃: I’d like to spend more time talking to you.

🎭: You sure do get into a lot of drama…

😄: I can always count on you to like/reply to my personal posts.

🍥: Your aesthetic is very streamlined. It’s clear you’re picky about the stuff you reblog.

🍬: You’re sweet, but I feel like I know very little about you as a person.

🐟: Your blog isn’t quite my “type.”

😅: I often worry about upsetting you or scaring you off.

😇: Every single interaction we’ve had so far has been positive.

🐱: You’re cute‼︎

🌱: I’d love to get to know you better.

☔️: You seem unhappy.

😃: I love seeing you in my notifications!

🐸: You act goofy.

💻: Are you ever not online?

❄️: Your BYF struck me as kind of harsh, but I followed you anyway.

😆: You’ve made me laugh out loud before.

💔: You’ve disappointed me before.

📺: We have similar interests!

🔈: We have similar tastes in music.

🌊: You have a lot of personality.

😀: I would consider us friends.

🎀: We have similar aesthetics!

🍳: This is an egg in a frying pan!

🎉: I get really happy when I see positive personal posts from you, even when I don’t fully understand the context!

😈: I know your secret~

🌴: I’m jealous of you.

: Could you, like, chill a little bit maybe? Like in general? Please?

🎶: I associate you with a specific song or musician.

👟: I feel as though you’re out of my league.

🐚: I find your blog very calming.

👀: I’ve vagued about you before.

🍰: I might recognize you if I ran into you on the street.

😂: I’m comfortable around you.

🌈: Sometimes I see your selfies and think to myself: “I’m gay.”

🌹: I wouldn’t mind going on a date with you.

😓: I’ve talked to you before and it made me a nervous!

👑: You’re vain.

📝: I know a lot about you just from following you on Tumblr.

🌙: You’re beautiful.

🍓: You remind me of someone…

😒: I honestly don’t know why I’m even still following you at this point.

😳: I’ve learned things about you that have surprised me a lot!

🐭: Please be kinder to yourself.

😑: -__-

👔: I think you’re someone who takes themself very seriously.

🍉: I wish we lived closer to each other.

🍭: You confuse me.

😮: I wish I could give you some advice.

💐: I have a crush on you.

😁: You’re a little awkward, but I find it endearing.

💕: I love you‼︎

👍: I like you. Just, in general. I think you’re a genuinely good person.


hey do you think if the memory demon was summoned again, that magnus would pop up as the person alec loves the most?

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Photoset #2: Godfrey Gao for Harper’s Bazaar Magazine!








things literally everyone, regardless of gender, looks good in:

  • suits
  • lacy lingerie
  • eyeliner
  • ball gowns

•battle armor

•blood of your enemies

•flannel shirts with the sleeves rolled up

  • glasses

This post went from zero to ten back to zero real fast


musical episodes of non musical shows are the best episodes but you know wht makes them better? when its unquestioned. give me more musical episodes that cant be logical within canon. That aren’t the work of a curse or that dont take place in a dream.

August 08 2017

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#*opens all savings accounts* #take my money and give us the spin off that we deserve with this two

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There’s no bow here. I need one.

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101/? alec lightwood

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