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October 04 2017

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#casually blowing shit up

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October 03 2017





malec + baby headcanons make me cry like im so emotional right there

lay em on me


- their baby like loves them so much???? like whenever magnus comes home from a long day the baby legit starts squealing and crawling as fast as it can towards him or sometimes when alec is holding the baby while he kisses magnus the baby grabs alec’s face and kisses him like the way babies kiss cause it wants love too and is jealous

- magnus and alec both wear a baby carrier and carry their baby around in it like even during meetings like alec will be stating a point and thebaby will yell and alec smiles fondly and is like “thank you for your input bubba” and kisses his head and everyone is like WHATISOS

- magnus and alec FILM EVERYTHING like okay when the baby first burps??? first bath??? first diaper change??? first time in the cradle??? you name it. and they SOB every time like magnus playing with the baby and the baby gurgling out a word and magnus legit screams ALEXANDER GET THE CAMERA HE SAID HIS FIRST WORD and alec stumbles in and they’re already both crying and the baby is like what

- magnus loves to sing their baby to sleep and is always humming the lullaby his mom used to sing to him and alec always watches with that soft, unguarded grin on his face like the time they first met

- also they call their baby bubba and sweetheart and honey and pumpkin cause they’re saps

- whenever the baby cries they freak they’re like OH NO HONEY IT’S OKAY WE’RE HERE YOU’RE SAFE WHAT CAN WE DO like even over the smallest of things

- there are times when magnus will come home to alec and the baby asleep on the couch, the baby snuffling and slowly rising and falling on alec’s chest, alec’s hands on his small back to hold him close and magnus is like :’)

- the baby really likes magnus’ jewelry like he’s always playing with magnus’ necklaces and rings and magnus is so just heart eyes

- magnus and alec both have full-on conversations with their child even though he doesn’t understand like the baby will babble and alec replies with “yes the sun is really bright and it’s a gorgeous day today. that cloud over there looks like a whale, don’t you think?” or magnus will be holding their child and be like “how many people do you think should I put on the guest list for the party at pandemonium tonight?” and the baby giggles and magnus is like “i like that idea, pumpkin, i’ll go with that”

October 02 2017

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➸ favorite group dynamic: Alec, Izzy and Magnus

“A brother and sister who disagree on everything except for how much they love one another … and how loyal they are to each other. A man who took this case pretending to want payment in rare objects, but who really believes that injustice toward his friends is intolerable.”

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so… you saved eachother

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favorite izzy lightwood Looks™ 9/∞

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Isaiah wishing Matt a happy birthday and Killing us with beauty

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October 01 2017

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This is a Cross Fox 🦊

Photo by Brittany Crossman

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Dem foxes are sneaky…

September 30 2017



Saw this post about straight dudes feeling emasculated at the thought of taking their wife’s last name, and it gave me a sudden craving for fantasy media where some dude is called Leopold THE DESTROYER or some shit and there are all these rumors going around about how he got his moniker, all these made up stories about how he must have razed a village to the ground or slayed 12 dragons or some shit and it turns out he just took his wife’s last name.

“What was your name before?”



“I miss it sometimes y’know, but eh,” he smiles wistfully as he looks over to where his wife is sharpening her sword. “What can you do when you marry for love.”

magnus bane is a better person than all of us combined and that’s just the facts

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A look

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The original basic bitches


I’m fydthinpjgdehbfghb

I can’t lmao

talks to IKEA dishes….lmao

Tag yourself.
I’m the stripper heels at a formal event

The lesbian who went to war


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[alec appreciation 2017]
          ↳ favourite alec moment(s)

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Alec getting a surprise visit (while being in job) by his cute lill’ warlock son, Max Lightwood-Bane x3! magnus was teaching him how to make portals and he decided to pay his daddy a visit xD!!! haha

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Commission for Lydia and their fic “The Burden of Atlas


no offense but the soft uncertain kiss followed by a pause where the people look each other in the eyes and then fucking pull eachother back into a more passionate kiss will always be the most soul destroying trope , catch me lying on the fucking ground sobbing and rewatching The Scene™✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼

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